Dear Members

Dear Members

I am delighted and honoured to be re- elected as President of APSL  at the 18th Annual General meeting held in May 2022.

The Association has grown over the past 18 years and we continue to serve the Sri Lankan Community both in the UK as well as in Sri Lanka. APSL members come from a variety of professions, different disciplines and ages, bringing together a strong network of individuals help to enhance the lives of Sri Lankans not only in Sri Lanka but also in the UK. We should be very proud of what we have achieved together to date: I have inserted a few links to a few of our accomplishments:

  1. Student Scholarship programme:

  1. Solar villages:

  1. Cancer Relief activities:

During my tenure I would like continue to focus on a few key things amidst keeping the ongoing projects running. I would like to focus on the concept of sustainability. Particularly focusing on ensuring the association has a sustainable financial strategy in place, so it can continue to serve for many future decades to come. With this mind, I would like to build upon our membership drive and put out a personal request for each APSL member, to reach to at least one individual who they can encourage to join the association and actively participate in the projects we carry out.

Promoting APSL by reaching out to like-minded individuals not only in the UK but across the world, in other countries is another task I would like to focus on.  Initial discussions have already been held with support from our fellow Sri Lankans based in the USA. I would like to ensure we make progress with those discussions and establish ourselves in across other nations.

APSL is proud to say that we have a number of projects which are set up for the benefit of Sri Lankans based here in the UK. The ‘Ask the Expert’ series, ‘Living in the UK’ discussions, student mentoring and numerous other webinars are just some of the programmes catered for our members (  I would like to develop on those member benefits, expanding into areas of online platforms, where members can interact and link up more easily.

 Finally, at the time of writing Sri Lanka is facing some challenging times. We as an Sri Lankan association continue to maintain and encourage donations to the  the APSL Emergency Relief Fund. Medical relief consisting of medicines and equipment have already been provided to a number of hospitals in Sri Lanka.  I encourage you to continue to support this worthy cause.

I will be more than happy to hear from you individually with your suggestions for the association. I look forward to working with you.

Thank you,

Thushara Madurasinghe


President / APSL – 2022/23