Launching of APSL Florence De Silva Memorial trust for Children

It is our great pleasure to announce that APSL has been the recipient of a substantial donation on behalf of the Florence De Silva Memorial trust. The final agreement entailing full details was signed during the 15th APSL AGM on 11th May 2019 at Leonardo Royal London City Hotel in London.

Mrs Aruni De Alwis, the executor of the Late Florence Cecilia De Silva (“Florence De Silva”) said, “The Late Mrs. Florence De Silva’s passion was to help anybody who was in-need, but children in-need in Sri Lanka occupied a very special place in her heart.  Hence she left a major portion of her estate to benefit children in-need in Sri Lanka by giving to APSL, and a few other charities, all of which have had an excellent track record. ”.

On behalf of the association, we take this opportunity to thank Mrs Aruni De Alwis, for the kind and thoughtful consideration to contribute towards the well-being of the less fortunate children in Sri Lanka.

APSL would like to focus on existing and some new projects to align with our current projects in order to minimise the time for implementation. Moreover, we expect to expand the project portfolio to support a larger number of children with various needs across the country. APSL will be primarily focusing on following areas and expects to join with established organisations in Sri Lanka to carry out some of these projects.

The funding application form for APSL Florence de Silva Memorial Trust for Children can be downloaded from m here

APSL Florence de Silva Memorial Trust_Funding Application Form

  • APSL-Florence de Silva Scholarships
  • Provide scholarships for students at a monthly payment of Rs.3500 each with the first-month payment of Rs.5000. These scholarships will be provided on an ongoing basis until the students complete their Advanced Level Exams.
  • APSL Child Support Fund
  • Provide a care package for children affected by chronic illnesses such as cancer, heart disease as well as disability. APSL will support a number of children with a monthly payment of Rs.5000.
  • APSL Student Essentials Project
  • Provide school essentials such as books, shoes, uniforms and bags for each child annually.
  • APSL Educational Infrastructure Development Fund
  • Through this fund, APSL expects to provide support to build school buildings, libraries, provide IT equipment, provide laboratory equipment and provide electricity to rural schools in Sri Lanka. Each year a project will be selected and supported through this fund.