APSL We Sri Lanka event: ‘Transcending the Climate Crisis and creating a Sustainable Green Growth Economy’ – Saturday 23rd March 2024 2.00 – 6.00pm Nunn Hall IOE / Faculty of Education and Society, University of London

Tackling the climate crisis and driving sustainable green growth are global imperatives relevant for both emerging and mature economies. For instance, Sri Lanka is considered to be one of the top ten climate fragile nations in the world, and is also tackling its worst economic crisis in recent history. The UK is struggling to reconcile commitments to transition to Net Zero as it is battling energy and food inflation, as well as a recessionary economy.

We need to demystify and make tangible the action governments, businesses and communities need to take to overcome the climate crisis as well as the opportunities and technologies to tap the emerging green economy – to secure energy security, spur growth and drive prosperity in years to come, both here in the UK and in Sri Lanka.

So, join us in the heart of London for an engaging afternoon of talks, panel discussions and networking with Sustainability Champions from across academia, business, consulting and policy so we can better understand how to play our part in ‘Transcending the Climate Crisis and creating a Sustainable Green Growth Economy.’

Prof Mohan Munasinghe, Vice Chair, UN IPCC that shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, 2021 Blue Planet Prize Laureate, and Chairman, Presidential Expert Committee, Sustainable Sri Lanka 2030 Vision will present the keynote address.

The APSL WE SRI LANKA TALKS event on ‘Transcending the Climate Crisis and creating a Sustainable Green Growth Economy’ will be held on 2-6pm, Saturday, March 23rd, 2024, Nunn Hall, IOE / Faculty of Education and Society, University College London (UCL), London 

You can attend this event in-person at UCL London, or join the online talks remotely.


In-person participation is strongly recommended to fully benefit from event proceedings.

Register here to attend in-person at UCL, London (limited availability), OR

Register here for the online talks only.

For further details please email Don Gihantha Jayasinghe at wesrilanka@apsl.org.uk.


APSL UK presents WE SRI LANKA TALK with Dr Indrajit Coomaraswamy, Economist and Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka 2016-19

In a wide ranging and very insightful talk, Dr Indrajit Coomaraswamy talked about the contributory factors that led to Sri Lanka’s recent economic woes, steps undertaken by the current government to stabilise the economy, policy reforms being implemented to put the country’s economy on a growth trajectory going forward, and notable examples of progress made to attract foreign investment.

According to Dr Coomaraswamy macroeconomic stress resulting from popular but unsustainable fiscal policies by successive governments is the primary cause of Sri Lanka’s economic decline since independence 75 years ago. He described the significant progress made to stabilise the economy including curbing inflation, building up foreign reserves and reversing economic decline. Dr Coomaswamy, however, also warned about the significant challenges that lay ahead in alleviating worsening poverty and human welfare as various international indicators depicted a grim picture.

Dr Coomaraswamy went to describe the policy and structural reforms carried out by the government including legislating into law the achievement of a primary surplus in the government budget, strengthening independence of the Central Bank in executing monetary policy, maintaining a flexible exchange rate mechanism, and encouraging trade, investment and non-debt oriented sources of foreign income flows. Dr Coomaraswamy also responded to the many questions posed from a very interested audience at the end of his very informative talk.

You can view the full recording of the WE SRI LANKA TALK featuring Dr Indrajit Coomaraswamy below.


WE SRI LANKA: SRI LANKA 75: From Economic Stabilisation and Policy Reform to Sustainable Growth – Saturday 10th December 2023

Next WE SRI LANKA TALK by APSL will be held on Sunday, December 10th, 2023 at 2pm UK / 7:30pm SL via Zoom.
Dr Indrajit Coomaraswamy, former governor of the Sri Lanka Central Bank will present a talk on SRI LANKA 75: From Economic Stabilisation and Policy Reform to Sustainable Growth. 
Please register in advance using this link.
Please click here to download the event flyer.
40 years of experience in policy making and providing economic advisory services on both macroeconomic and structural issues at national and intergovernmental levels.
Worked in the Economic Research, Statistics and Bank Supervision Departments at Central Bank of Sri Lanka (1974-89) and seconded to Ministry of Finance and Planning. Director, Economic Affairs Division, Deputy-Director, Secretary-General’s
Office, and Interim Director, Social Transformation Programme Division at the Commonwealth Secretariat from 1989-2008.
B.A. (Hons) University of Cambridge and D.Phil. University of Sussex. Led Sri Lanka National Rugby team and played First Class Cricket. “Sri Lankan of the Year 2016“ (LMD). “Central Bank Governor of the Year for South Asia 2017” (Euromoney). Awarded Sri Lankan national honour of “Deshamanaya” in August 2019. 

APSL Solar Villages Prize Competition 2023

APSL UK is raising funds to provide PV Solar Electricity to rural Sri Lankan villages not connected to the National Electricity Grid. We then provide ongoing support to guide the village to use this to improve education, sustainable cultivation, poverty reduction. 

Please click here  or scan QR code below to enter the prize competition.

APSL recognised at BRiSLA & Help Lanka award ceremonies

APSL was recognised for its services as a charity during recent awards ceremonies held in London. 

At the BRiSLA awards ceremony Mr Thushara Madurasinghe (Immediate Past President) received the award for Entrepreneur of the Year award. 

At the Help Lanka awards ceremony Mr Sanjaya Kodithuwakku (General Secretary) received the an award of excellence for the  the work APSL has done over many years support Sri Lanka. 

APSL appreciates the support extended to it by its executive committees, donors, supporters and well wishers over the years and look forward to continuing its good work in the future too. 

Dr Chesmal Siriwardhana Memorial Lecture: Outside the asylum: Protecting mental health in complex emergencies- 10th October 12.45 – 1.45pm Hybrid (London & Online)

The Centre for Global Mental Health is hosting the Memorial Lecture in person, and online, on the 10th October 2023 (World Mental Health Day) between 12:45-1:45PM (UK time).

The Lecture Series is held annually in memory of  Dr Chesmal Siriwardhana, who died tragically in an accident in London. Chesmal was a talented young researcher, whose focus of work was in mental health and humanitarian setting, with a particular interest in Sri Lanka. The lectures follow this theme each year.

This year the lecture will be given by Dr Lynne Jones, who will speak on the topic of ‘Protecting Mental Health in Complex Emergencies’.

Please register your attendance using the link at the bottom of this page:


At the time of his tragic demise, Dr Chesmal Siriwardhana was also a Vice President of the Association of Professional Sri Lankans UK (APSL).