How it works

  • APSL scholarships are aimed at school children between the ages  9 to 17, or up to the completion of GCE A levels, whichever comes first,
  •  The Scholarship Coordinator, through local coordinators, informs the Sri Lankan schools of the bursary, eligibility criteria and how to apply,
  • Teachers look out for gifted children at risk of dropping out of education due to economic hardships,
  • Children identified are discreetly approached and informed of the scheme, provided with application forms and  encouraged to apply,
  • Applications completed by parents or guardians and countersigned by schools headteachers are sent to the APSL Scholarship panel for consideration,
  • Selected applicants are informed in writing.  They sign to accept the offer and  provide a bank account in the child’s name to receive the funds,
  • Each recipient is given Rs5000 during the first month followed by Rs3000 each month thereafter.


On-going monitoring is carried out through the local coordinators who provide  regular reports to APSL, to ensure that

  • Appropriate use of funds for the benefit of the child – through a monthly statement from Parent / guardian,
  • Educational progress: through copies of end-of-term school reports.
  • Which determines the continuation of funding from one year to the next.

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