Project Description

Launched in 2014, the aim of the scholarship Scheme is to help gifted children from disadvantaged families in Sri Lanka, to have a good education. APSL sees good education as a way of transforming not just the child, but also uplifting their family, community, and ultimately the country as a whole.

The Scheme has as its target academically gifted children from very poor and disadvantaged families in Sri Lanka, who are at risk of dropping off the education, or not entering higher education and settling for low paid jobs thus perpetuating poverty.

The Scholarship Scheme provides the Sri Lankans abroad and their friends with a simple and effective channel for ‘putting something back’ and contributing to this life changing endeavor.

Key achievements so far

Starting with five children at the launch, the scheme has grown to fund 102 children from all parts of the country today.

2 children have entered university

10 children have started GCE A Levels

7 children passed Grade 5 National Scholarship Examination with top marks.

APSL Scholarship Scheme is an active project.

Project Team

Project Lead: Mervyn Silva

SL country coordinator: Inoka Rodrigo

Admin support: Pavithra Ganeshu

Scholarship sub-committee:

Mahseh De Silva, Terence Fernando, Leslie Dep, Suraj Wijendra, Gayani Senaratne & Leshan Uggalla

Future / Planned activities

March: Quarterly newsletter

April: Sri Lankan Coordinators’ quarterly meeting

June: Quarterly newsletter

August: Sponsors’ Annual Event

September: Quarterly newsletter

December: Quarterly newsletter

Other media sources

Other details

Download our flyer for further details by clicking here:

You could make a donation to the scholarship scheme by clicking here: Make a donation

If you would like to sponsor a child please use this link: to register your interest.

How it works

  • APSL scholarships are aimed at school children between the ages  9 to 17, or up to the completion of GCE A levels, whichever comes first,
  •  The Scholarship Coordinator, through local coordinators, informs the Sri Lankan schools of the bursary, eligibility criteria and how to apply,
  • Teachers look out for gifted children at risk of dropping out of education due to economic hardships,
  • Children identified are discreetly approached and informed of the scheme, provided with application forms and  encouraged to apply,
  • Applications completed by parents or guardians and countersigned by schools headteachers are sent to the APSL Scholarship panel for consideration,
  • Selected applicants are informed in writing.  They sign to accept the offer and  provide a bank account in the child’s name to receive the funds,
  • Each recipient is given Rs5000 during the first month followed by Rs3000 each month thereafter.


On-going monitoring is carried out through the local coordinators who provide  regular reports to APSL, to ensure that

  • Appropriate use of funds for the benefit of the child – through a monthly statement from Parent / guardian,
  • Educational progress: through copies of end-of-term school reports.
  • Which determines the continuation of funding from one year to the next.

Code of conduct

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