APSL-CRF programme was launched in 2017 at the 13th APSL Dinner Dance in London with a view to helping cancer patients in Sri Lanka. Over the past three years, we have established collaborations with key hospitals in five provinces in Sri Lanka and provided them and patients with essential and critical medical supplies and financial support.

Medication –  Individuals who cannot afford treatment to be nominated by a medical professional registered with the APSL Cancer Relief network. The maximum limit for requests will be set at LKR 50,000 per individual/request.

Family/Finance Help –  This can include contributions towards transport costs for patients and an accompanying family member to travel to treatment centres. 

Infrastructure – The fund will solicit applications from hospitals and treatment centres with a genuine need to invest in patient facilities.

Awareness – This will fund activities dedicated to raising awareness about prevention, treatment options etc. 


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Our Journeyjourney


Our Achievements so far 


1img100 % of your donation will directly goes to patients across the country as APSL does not utilise any of the funds received as administration or other charges.

  • Made 270 payments of 2500 LKR each for Cancer patients at Kurunegala General Hospital since September 2019 -Total amount of 675,000 LKR (GBP 2662)
  • Made 180 payments of 2500 LKR each for Cancer patients at Batticaloa General Hospital since November 2019 -Total amount of 450,000 LKR (GBP 1604)
  • Made 75 payments of 2500 LKR each for Cancer patients at Anuradhapura General Hospital since October 2020- Total amount of 187,500 LKR (GBP 840)
  • Provided medication help worth 15,000 LKR each for 48 Cancer patients at Anuradhapura General Hospital since October 2020- Total amount of 720,000. LKR (GBP 2770)
  • In the process of distributing Chemo and Radio therapy awareness leaflet, which was produced by APSL member, Dr Uditha Jayathunga and Dr Dhamayanthi Pieris, in all three languages. Paid 56,200 LKR (GBP 210) towards 11000 leaflets, artwork and distribution (postage). 
  • Carried out renovation work at Badulla Cancer ward sanitary facilities back in 2018 and spent 200,000 LKR (GBP 900) in partnership with M&S Sri Lanka.
  • Provided 220,000 LKR (GBP 1078) towards urgent medication requests received from Badulla General Hospital and across the Island since September 2017.


  Our Monthly Commitments


  • Financial support of 2500 LKR each for 34 Cancer patients at Kurunegala, Batticaloa & Anuradhapura Hospitals
  • Medication support worth 15,000 LKR each for 4 Cancer Patients at Anuradhapura Hospital 
  • Support for Urgent medication requests for a maximum 50,000 LKR per patients for Kurunegala, Anuradhapura, Batticaloa, Karapitiya and Badulla if requested. 

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