Project Description

This project started in 2009, and the first competition was on an essay competition for A/L students in Sri Lanka. They had to write an essay on development of their District, and the essays were submitted on all three languages. The winners received a cash prize and an APSL-Shield. The award ceremony was during the “Solar Asia” conference held in NIFS, Kandy in 2011.

The second part of the APSL awards were held afterwards for entrepreneurs. The best projects were selected, and cash prizes and APSL-Shields were awarded in a high-profile meeting held in NSF auditorium in Colombo, in 2013.

Project Team 

Prof I M Dharmadasa; Mr Leslie Dep; Mr Mervyn Silva; Dr Indrajit Coomaraswamy


Project Contact

Prof. I. M. Dharmadasa –


Introduction and overview of APSL Award Scheme

APSL Awards Stage II Flyer -English

APSL Awards Stage II Flyer -Sinhala

APSL Awards Stage II Flyer -Tamil
Motivational Certificates