APSL has launched seven core APSL projects over the past few years which have been led by the members of the Executive Committee:

We Sri Lanka

The aim of ‘We Sri Lanka’ is to foster reconciliation among all Sri Lankans in the UK. The 2nd APSL convention was the first event organised based on the ‘We Sri Lanka’ theme by APSL to build mutual understanding, goodwill and a sense of shared purpose through dialogue, learning, and a celebration of our cultural diversity.

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Eastern Values

Several successful series of talks and discussions under the banner ‘Life in the UK and Sri Lankan Cultural Values’ seminar series were held at the Jethawana Buddhist Vihara in Birmingham and Kethumathi Buddhist Vihara in Manchester in 2010 and 2011. Another event of this series was held at the Thames Buddhist Vihara in May 2015. It was conducted with the participation of members Rohan De Alwis, Thushara Madurasinghe, Shirani Joseph de Saram, Gihantha Jayasinghe and Lushani and Sanjaya Kodithuwakku. The event was well attended and turned out to be highly interactive session. APSL aims to replicate the seminar series in other parts of the UK. Your proposals for new venues would be most welcome.

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Solar Villages

The first solar power project under the solar village programme was completed at Kaduruwea village in the Kurunegala district. Water supply to the village was provided using solar pumps replacing a diesel pump. The villagers have formed a society to operate the scheme and saving about Rs 100,000 per annum on diesel costs. These savings are invested in various development projects to uplift living standards of the village community.

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APSL Awards

The aim of APSL awards is to actively engage the country’s younger generation and seek their ideas and stimulate the rapid development of Sri Lanka. The first stage of this project – APSL essay competition was successfully completed in July 2011. Second stage of the project will be launched in 2012.

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APSL Scholarship Scheme

APSL Scholarship scheme provides a practical expression  to its vision of  ‘a prosperous Sri Lanka, where its children reach their full potential.‘ Many Sri Lankan professionals in the UK owe their success to the high-quality education and good healthcare they had as children.  While education has been free in Sri Lanka since independence, it has become increasingly competitive and costly, putting good education beyond the reach of the poor.

While education has been free in Sri Lanka since the time of independence, it has increasingly become competitive and costly, putting a good education beyond the reach of poor children. Its aim is to select children with potential who may be at risk of dropping out of education due to poverty.

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APSL Disaster Relief Fund

Over half a million people were affected by the devastation caused by the recent floods and landslides in Sri Lanka. Many people lost their loved ones and thousands of people lost their homes and livelihoods. The Association of Professional Sri Lankans in the UK (APSL) decided to join the relief effort by raising necessary funds to provide urgent and short term support for the most vulnerable people.

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APSL Cancer Relief Fund in Sri Lanka

Every year proceeds from the APSL Fundraising Dinner Dance goes to a worthy cause or a project in Sri Lanka. Over the past two years the proceeds were used to provide medical equipment to Anuradhapura Hospital to treat Chronic Kidney disease patients and build a Solar Village in Kurunegala district.

This year we are launching the ‘APSL Cancer Relief Fund’ to provide financial support to needy cancer patients in Sri Lanka. All proceeds from the Fundraising Dinner Dance will be used to establish this fund and it will also be open for your generous donations. We hope the ‘APSL Cancer Relief Fund’ will continue to grow with your generous support and enable us to support the needy cancer patients across Sri Lanka.

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