APSL hosts ‘Ask the Professionals’ discussion at SLHC

The Association of Professional Sri Lankans in the UK (APSL) was yet again able to conduct an excellent ‘Ask the Professionals’ Series at the Sri Lanka High Commission in London on Friday 13th July 2018. The event was well attended and very interactive.

The invited speakers for this particular event were Mr Kushil Gunasekera – Co-Founder of the ‘Foundation of Goodness’ and Dr Pujitha Silva – Biomedical engineer and Co-Author of ‘Rock Stars’.

President of APSL Suraj Wijendra gave a welcome and introductory speech and mentioned about various projects and events that APSL currently conducts – namely Student Scholarship scheme, Cancer relief project, Solar villages, Living in the UK discussion series and Ask the Expert – series.


Dr Pujitha De Silva gave an inspiring presentation about ‘Transformational leadership’ and the impact it has on individuals. From a Biomedical Engineer to a Life Coach, Dr Pujitha Silva is the co-author of the recently published book “Rock Stars “ and also the author of the P3 Model of Growth which was initially written in 2010. Thereafter the model has been validated, published and being used through evidence-based techniques in executive and life coaching.  Using the human anatomy as a leadership model, the book introduces nine steps on how one could progressively mature as a person in the organization and in society as whole to be a role model.

The 2nd presentation was delivered by Mr Kushil Gunasekera on the topic of Empowering rural communities and the role of charities. Kushil is a results-driven visionary who pioneers initiatives that affect sustainable development in rural Sri Lanka. His integrity, dependability and generosity create hope and trust in both individuals and teams alike. Successful entrepreneur, compassionate relief worker and ambassador for peace and reconciliation, Kushil is dedicated to the humanitarian cause. Inculcating the spirit of goodness in each person or project, he impacts our world by making it a better environment for all.

The audience thoroughly enjoyed the videos that were shown during the event. The presentations concluded with a questions and answers session in which was highly interactive.  APSL president Suraj, assured that APSL will commit and closely work with Foundation of goodness in order to help and support humanitarian activities and development projects in Sri Lanka.

APSL Executive committee member Paola Bethmage delivered an energetic vote of thanks to attendees. The evening concluded with some refreshments and networking which everyone enjoyed.

APSL wishes to thank all attendees including Mr N.L.A. Haleem Counsellor (Political & Public Affairs) and Mr Senuja Samaraweera – Second Secretary (Commercial) of the Sri Lanka High Commission who graced the occasion.