APSL donated 3M N95 masks and KN95 5-Ply respirator Mask to Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital, Anuradhapura to help fight Covid-19

We are pleased to inform that we have managed to deliver 3M N95 masks for Medical staff and KN95 5-Ply respirator masks for patients at Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital, Anuradhapura.

We have donated:

1.      100 units of 3M N 95 Health Care Particulate Respirator and Surgical Masks for Medical staff – Reusable (Not designed to reuse but currently reusing them after overnight sterilize due to the supply shortage)

2.      500 units of Medi Care Reusable KN95 5-Ply Respirator masks for patients (including Cancer patients as they had few positive cases among the inward leukaemia patients, so this was a very timely donation for them)

APSL wishes to thank Dr. Mahasen Neththikumara , Mr Sheran, Mr Shohan from Shield Medical for their dedication, commitment and kind coordination and all our donors for supporting the cause.