Code of Conduct for Sponsors

The purpose of APSL Scholarship Scheme is to help gifted children from underprivileged and vulnerable families in Sri Lanka to reach their true potential by supporting their academic and developmental growth.

We aim to achieve this by:

  • appreciating their unique individuality within their family situation and culture,
  • encouraging and developing a love for lifelong learning to enjoy a productive adult life that may otherwise be denied to them,
  • providing opportunities for all stakeholders with the emphasis on the child at the centre in developing a sense of community, with harmony and respect for all concerned.


As a UK registered Charity with its scholarship activities taking place in Sri Lanka, APSL is bound by laws of both countries.  These guidelines have been drawn up to ensure our compliance with the Safeguard of Children laws of the two countries.

Therefore, we respectfully request all our sponsors to adhere to the following guidelines in dealing with the children:

The APSL Scholarship Scheme will serve as the hub and coordinate all activities and maintain communication between all parties. ASPL will use the following to keep sponsors informed of their beneficiaries and their progress.

1).  Profile booklet of the beneficiary

2).  Quarterly news e-bulletin

3).  The annual event

4).  Scholarship Facebook group

5).  Email updates

6).  Response to ad-hoc queries

7).  Zoom/teleconference-based briefings as needed

The Code

  • To hold the wellbeing of the child as paramount in all your dealings with the scholarship children.
  • If you wish to keep in touch with the children you sponsor and their families or visit them, to seek APSL’s approval first using: Request to Visit or Contact Beneficiary form
  • On no account to contact a child privately or visit them, without the approval of APSL.
  • To inform APSL at least 2 weeks before your visit, so that our Sri Lankan coordinator can inform the family and facilitate your visit.
  • To allow our local coordinator to accompany you during your visits.
  • Never to visit or meet a child alone, and ensure the child is always be chaperoned. 
  • To keep all communication with the children and families professional, open, and transparent; and to keep APSL copied into all paper and electronic communications.
  • This is to safeguard the child and ensure your own safety and good reputation.
  • Special gift giving is acceptable on special occasions such as Christmas or birthdays, but overindulgence is discouraged.
  • To exercise discretion and good judgement in all your dealings with children and their families and not to say or do anything that could jeopardise the wellbeing of the children, your good name, or that of the APSL.
  • APSL would like to be informed of the value of gifts for record keeping in the event of misconstruction by a third party. 
  • Be respectful of the diverse family circumstances, culture, society, and religions of Sri Lanka when communicating with the child.
  • Do not engage in any political, religious, or business activities, as they may compromise the child’s wellbeing.
  • Adhere to all government laws and local rules as advised by the local coordinator of APSL. 

 Should a sponsor violate this Code of conduct, APSL reserves the right to discontinue the sponsorship and reallocate the child to a different sponsor.

Following your visit:

  • Provide feedback to APSL which would help us further improve the service.
  • if you feel inclined, or have been asked for additional support, please use these guidelines:
    • If you felt that further help was urgent, and made an immediate response please inform APSL on your return.
    • If you decided to extend your help further and support after the visit, please discuss your ideas and plans.

APSL greatly appreciates your kind generosity and commitment in helping children of Sri Lanka. 

We welcome suggestions and feedback from our sponsors, friends, and well-wishers in further improving our services.  

We endeavour to accommodate any requests that are compatible with our Code of conduct in safeguarding the children we support with your help.