Sri Lankans value education and regard it as a reliable way of overcoming poverty and achieving economic success.

Many Sri Lankan professionals in the UK, owe their success to a good education they were privileged to have as children.

Although education has been free in Sri Lanka since independence back in 1948, over the years it has become competitive and costly, thereby putting a good education beyond the reach of the poor.


Part of APSL’s Vision is a peaceful, just and prosperous Sri Lanka where all her children get the opportunity to realise their true potential.

The Scholarship Scheme was launched in 2014 as part of APSL’s 10th birthday celebrations, as a vehicle that would enable many people, both, members and non-members alike to support this vision.

Its aim is to help the education of gifted children in Sri Lanka, who are at risk of dropping off the education due to poverty. A good education given to a gifted child will not only benefit the child, but also their family. It helps transform the community they live in and ultimately the whole country.

  • The Scholarship Scheme provides:
    The Sri Lankans in the UK, with a simple and efficient channel for ‘putting something back’, that would help transform the lives of the next generation,
  • Their colleagues and friends of Sri Lanka, with an opportunity to contribute to an initiative that would make a real and lasting difference in the lives of poor.

 How it works